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Want to teach a class or host a community event? DCMC – Center for Universal Artisans and Humanities is pleased to host classes and events for the community, and those put on our members and group facilitators! We’ll add your events to our calendar, and provide a place for you to collect registration and payments right online! Ready to get started? Become a member here (if you’re not already). Then email us here with the details to book the space and set up your registration details! We look forward to hosting your classes and events! 

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Host a Class or Event!

  • Join the Center! Classes and events are hosted by by the Center or Center members! 
  • Set up your Calendar Invite and Online Registration!
  • Use the space and community supplies! We’ll help you arrange the space to fit your needs!
  • Promote the event on the Center’s Facebook page!
  • Get help with a Press Release for the Class or Event!

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